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Questions and Queries that Need to Be Answered

How do I order from you?

A concise order form is displayed before our customers. Fill it in and be done with the task. This is as simple as that. You don’t have to go through a lengthy process to submit the request.

What is the number of pages I have to choose?

The number of pages depends on the number of words that is requested from you. Do not worry about the price, though. We have a special calculator that will allow the customers to learn the true cost of the assignment in no time. Please keep in mind that you need to indicate number of the pages that have to be written for the body of the assignment. This is important since the title and reference pages won’t cost you anything.

How do I know that I already have the writer to create the text from scratch?

The company will start searching for the most qualified expert to handle your order right after you make the payment. Since we are a prepaid agency, you need to finish the transaction first. If you pick the VIP service for the clients, you will receive SMS, informing you about the status of the order. In other cases, you need to check out the control panel where you will see the status bar with the indication that says that the writer was assigned.

What does authorization mean?

The users that have decided to submit an order form should know that we do everything to protect their data and personal information. This is the reason being an authorized user is so important. The authorization process was created to make sure that we are dealing with the customer’s real identity. We should know whether your personal information is 100% original and no private details are used as a cover for fakes.

Do I need to make a payment first?

Yes, we are a prepaid service, which means that the expert will start creating a paper only after you make the payment. This is done in order to provide safety for all our customers. Do not worry, because we are going to deliver the order before the specified date and follow the instructions that are attached to the paper. Our experts are here to ensure that your funds are safe and no one is going to reveal information to the third parties.

Is it true that using writing services can be regarded as cheating?

You can consider us as a service that provides samples for the work that needs to be done. Some call us a library of writing resources, customized to fit the needs of every client. The users can resort to us any time they need assistance, and this should not be described as cheating. We help you improve the grades without compromising on the originality of the work.